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Dirk Aleven, CEO, Foodventures

Dirk was involved in developing Dutch enterprises in transition markets since 2005. He started developing greenhouses in the CIS since 2010. Russia and it’s direct neighbours are net importers for fresh vegetables and flowers, mainly in the off-season period. Imported products arrive at high costs and lost their quality during transportation. Modern Dutch greenhouses offer the solution, but are underperforming due to a lack of experience.
FoodVentures is founded by Dirk Aleven to co-invest with regional investors to develop modern greenhouses under Dutch management, to supply the local market with high quality fresh products. Since the start FoodVentures started a first greenhouse in Lviv, and subsequently took over a under-performing greenhouse in Georgia and founded a new modern greenhouse in Georgia. It has the ambition to develop a portfolio of companies in the CIS region.