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Elena Pomazan, FCCA, Expert in Real Estate Development & Investments

Elena Pomazan is the investment and project management professional with the key focus on the real estate. As the Head of Smart Holding Real Estate she put into operation Park Inn Kyiv Troyitska in Kyiv. This is 196 rooms hotel near Respublikanskiy stadium. The hotel opens its doors on September 26, 2017. During last 2 years Elena put into operation new shopping gallery of 14 Amstor Shopping Malls around Ukraine. Before Smart Holding Real Estate Elena worked for Esta Holding. She took part in office and logistic development. The most valuable project was putting into operation in 2004 5-stars Opera Hotel in Kyiv on B. Khmelnitskogo str. She was Director of the Private Equity Fund with investment in Ukrainian Real Estate. She has experience in complex financial and investment deals and creating shareholders value in Beer Group Sarmat and Clay Holding. Elena is Level III CFA candidate.