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Faruk Khan, Lead Economist and Program Leader, Ukraine, Belarus, and Moldova, The World Bank

Faruk Khan is the World Bank’s Lead Economist and Program Leader for Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova. He is responsible for leading the World Bank’s work program in the areas of macroeconomics and fiscal management, finance, governance, private sector, and poverty. Faruk has extensive experience in leading the World Bank’s economic policy work in a number of countries. Most recently, he was the Lead Economist and Sector Leader for Afghanistan through a rapidly evolving economic, political, and security transition. Previously, he was Senior Economist for Georgia during the aftermath of the August 2008 war with Russia and the global financial crisis. He has also worked on Albania, Bangladesh, Kyrgyz Republic, and Russia, and was co-author of the World Bank’s report on “Unleashing Prosperity” for the Europe and Central Asia region. Prior to joining the World Bank in 2005, Faruk was an Assistant Professor of Economics at Williams College and a Visiting Scholar at the National Bureau of Economic Research in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He holds a PhD in Economics from Harvard University.